Company philosophy – No empty promises

The “Schapfen Mühle” brand is rooted in a tradition-conscious family business with a history dating back to the year 1452. Close customer relations, reliability and a quality-conscious approach are values the medium-sized family business has upheld since the very beginning. The Schapfen mill is the personal partner for its customers and suppliers, and prioritises trust from the very start. A flat hierarchical structure allows streamlined decision-making processes. The employees are motivated and carry a high degree of responsibility.

From grain to mill - the SchapfenMühle value chain - perfect quality from the outset

The value chain as a symbol of quality and trust is unique and has become a trademark of SchapfenMühle within the bakery trade. It defines the systematic process from selection of seed, through harvest to the final product. This guarantees complete traceability back to the actual cultivation of the crop.


SchapfenMühle only accepts seeds from suppliers who adopt a sustainable approach to their work and take account of traditional values.


Cultivation contracts with regional suppliers guarantee a high level of reliability and quality.


Wheather flour, cracked grain or puffed grain, SchapfenMühle offers a large number of natural cereal products.

Bakery trade

As the grain can be traced back to its cultivation, processors can be sure of the best quality.

Variety in confectionery

Modern products and skilled craftsmanship ensure outstanding quality.


SchapfenMühle products are an assurance of high-quality and are extremely flavoursome foods.