The five divisions of SchapfenMühle

The flour mill

The flour mill is the classical product line. Here will be produced the typical flour products from wheat, rye and spelt like:

  • Type flours
  • Cracked grain in different sizes
  • Semolina and dust

Other products are custom-individual flours.

The hulling mill

The hulling mill is the strength of SchapfenMühle. Because of the hulling milling competence, SchapfenMühle is one of the leading processors and suppliers of spelt, oat and barley. These cereals have to be hulled and seperated from their outer coating - the husk. Only then can they be processed into flakes, groats, cracked grain, flour or puffed grain. These specific cereal products, in particular, are the reason why SchapfenMühle has enjoyed as a qualified and reliable business partner for many years.




Puffing - a modern technology

The field of breakfast cereals is integrated in the affiliated company CeralPAN. Puffing technology expands grains to many times their original size by means of pressure and steam. Here the shape of the grain is largely retained and it receives a crispy consistency. The puffed grains are either left in this state or undergo a further refining process in which the grains obtain the desired coating.

Puffed grains are available from conventional cultivation or in organic quality for wheat, spelt, oats and rice. They are supplied in their natural state or coated with sugar or honey as well as additional flavours such as chocolate, cherry, etc.

SchapfenMühle is opening up new markets with native and less familiar crop varieties such as buckwheat, amaranth and quinoa.

Puffed grain is produced precisely to customer wishes for further processing into

  • breakfast cereals
  • instant products
  • premixes
  • confectionery
  • dairy products

Production of bakery basic material and natural food


This unit is responsible for production and packing. The manufacturing process is geared towards the product requirements and sales channels:

  • premixes for commercial processors
  • wholefood products
  • ready mixes for home baking



A recipe is stored for each individual product to guarantee the quality standard for the entire range. Precise quantities from the large variety of raw materials are measured and combined before undergoing a specified mixing process to create the product. A range of different plants and production processes are available to create the products, including fully automatic mixing processes, grain-bruising technology or the plant for drying and stabilizing various different cereal raw materials.

Products are supplied in the customary pack and container sizes according to the sales channel: small packages from 5 g foil bag to 750 g folding box with inner bag, paper block bottom bags ranging from 500 g to 2.5 kg. We also supply our products in larger quantities such as foil sacks, open sacks or valve sacks containing up to 50 kg. Deliveries in big bags or bulk transporters are also part of our standard range.

Development and applicant technology

From the idea to the product

Retailers and bakeries expect inspiration and stimuli from SchapfenMühle in the form of new products which bring success on the market. The company meets this demand with its own development department. This is where experts combine creative ideas with refined mill products to create new premixes. The department´s duties also include support for processing technology and food legislation aspects.

Applications technology - trials, testing, consultancy

Activities cover devising practice-related processing recommendations for newly developed and existing products as well as the testing of novel manufacturing procedures. Other main areas of focus are constant monitoring of baking quality and customer advice in issues of baking technology.