Schapfen Pro Eiweißbrot

• For a bread with health issues for the trend for a alternative form of food
• Contains wheat and soja protein, various oil seeds, wholemeal wheat flour and wholemeal sour dough
• Suitable for the most „Low Carb Diets“








Safety promotes trust
We ensure the safety and complete traceability of products using strict controls and consistent quality management. Independent institutions confirm this quality strategy within regular audits. 

Gently processed in the mill
Mill-fresh cereal products provide the value basis for GerstenWonne. They come directly from our mill, are natural, provide the increased fibre content and guarantee a consistently high product quality. Active baking components and wholemeal sourdough are among the other ingredients.

Balanced and harmonious
In addition to honey and valuable oilseed for a fine taste and attractive look. Of course, everything is natural and based on what health-conscious consumers are looking for.

GerstenWonne wins you over thanks to:
-> Unique barley
-> Popular spelt
-> Grain’s own fibre
-> Barley and spelt wholemeal sourdough
-> Pumpkin and sunflower seeds

Reliable processing
A convincing product with reliable processing:
-> Only added yeast and water
-> Very high dough yield
-> Processing-friendly doughs
-> Ideally suited to tin loaves

Increased well-being through healthy eating
Seeing, smelling, tasting – simply enjoying with all their senses, that’s what many customers want. By regularly enhancing your range of bread with innovations, you also secure the long-term satisfaction of your customers. With GerstenWonne, your customers will enjoy an attractive new bread with a unique character:
-> Health-oriented
-> Beneficial nutritional profile
-> No added wheat
-> Exceptional taste
-> Stays fresh for a long time
-> Unique quality


Naturally made from grain with no additives
Bread barley... a new variety of cereal with a healthy profile. Even many years ago, the then traditional Ulm barley for bread was prized by consumers.

And it contains all this:
Fibre is an important part of our daily diet and
contributes to a balanced cholesterol level
-> helps to maintain a healthy immune system
-> can have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system
-> helps to reduce or maintain your weight with a fibre-rich diet.

And perfectly combined:
Spelt…is very popular and is particularly prized by consumers who have a lower tolerance to wheat.

Advice is key:
-> It’s generally recommended to have a varied, balanced diet and follow a healthy lifestyle
-> Those who follow a fibre-rich diet should ensure they take in plenty of fluids

An Ulm bread tradition brought up to date

Barley – a grain with a tradition in Ulm
Even a long time ago, millers from the Ulm region sold a cooking barley called “Ulm barley”. Today, barley is experiencing a true renaissance as a bread cereal. As the oldest traditional Ulm-based company still in operation, SchapfenMühle has preserved valuable knowledge about the cereal and its processing for generations.